Power Protection - Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Computer Room Uptime’s experience with power protection equipment (UPS) for mission critical networks guarantees maximum uptime for your network. A UPS has two main functions: provide backup power, and condition the incoming power to your electrical equipment. By providing backup power, a UPS is able to keep your network running during power outages. Conditioning the power to your electrical equipment from disturbances is just as important and usually goes undetected. These disturbances occur a lot more frequently than power outages, and damages sensitive electronic equipment. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has developed a standard, IEEE Standard 1159-1995, that describes seven major power quality disturbances that a UPS corrects:

  • Transients
  • Interruptions
  • Sag/Undervoltage
  • Swell/Overvoltage
  • Waveform distortion
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Frequency variations
Sensitive electronic equipment is not designed to withstand these daily electrical events, and will cause problems:
  • Crash your network
  • Damage important files
  • Erode data integrity
  • Shorten hardware life
Computer Room Uptime offers several different UPS models to protect your network.

Standby UPS
The Standby UPS is great for protecting personal and small office computers. A Standby UPS runs off normal utility power until they detect a problem, and then they switch to battery backup. During battery backup there is plenty of time to save work in progress and gracefully shut down equipment.

A Standby or Off-Line UPS is a basic, inexpensive UPS that feeds power to the load directly from the utility and then transfers to battery power via an inverter after utility drops below a specified voltage. The delay between utility power loss and inverter startup can be long enough to disrupt the operation of some sensitive loads. Line-Interactive UPS
The Line-Interactive UPS is exceptional for protecting critical enterprise devices. These UPSs regulate voltage up or down as necessary to smooth out irregularities in power (without draining batteries), and protect equipment from line “noise.” The Line-Interactive UPS provides more protection than a standby UPS, and therefore are useful in data racks, communication systems and workstation groups. Online Double-Conversion UPS
The Online Double-Conversion UPS is the choice for protecting mission critical equipment, such as essential application servers or communication networks. These UPSs completely isolates equipment from raw utility power to deliver the cleanest power.