Fire Suppression

Computer Room Uptime offers Aero-K®, a potassium based fire suppressant aerosol that is ideal for small to medium sized computer rooms filled with electronic equipment. Aero-K® is a great alternative to water systems that can do as much harm as fire, or costly FM200 (Halon alternative) systems that requires precious floor space for pressurized vessels and an air-tight sealed room that is not typically not feasible in these small rooms.



Aero-K® Features

Fast, Safe, and Reliable

Extinguishes a fire within seconds to protect valuable computer equipment, irreplaceable data, and nearby personnel

Doesn’t harm electronics or corrode materials

Aerosol will not harm electronics or electronic media such as tape and disks, and leaves very little residue after dispersal – non-corrosive rating

Safe for personnel

Non-toxic aerosol that is not hazardous to the health of personnel

Ecologically Friendly

Aerosol contains no agents that can harm the ozone layer or contribute to global warming


Aerosol generators are mounted around the room on the walls at ceiling height so you’ll no floor space

Cost less to install or maintain

Much less expensive to install than other fire suppression systems


Override the 30 second delay / Abort dispersal / Lock out automatic initiation

Avoids false discharge

Installations have multiple smoke detectors, and will not disperse the aerosol agent unless it registers smoke through two or more detectors

Complements sprinkler systems

When a facility is required to have sprinklers, an Aero-K® installation can ensure that the sprinklers are not used by using fast acting smoke sensors before the sprinklers heat sensors are activated

More effective than Halon and other Halon alternatives

Aero-K® is much more effective at extinguishing fire than halon, and uses less agent than it would take for a halon system.

How does Aero-K® work?

Upon detection of a fire, Aero-K® generators can be activated either manually or electrically from a suitable releasing device. The generator produces an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol. Unlike gaseous systems, which operate at pressure, aerosol fire prevention generators are very cost effective to install and maintain. They do not require the pressure vessels, piping or expensive installation costs associated with other extinguishing systems. Space and weight requirements are minimal.

On a fire suppression agent weight basis, the aerosol is ten times more effective than gaseous agent alternatives. The Aero-K® generator’s effectiveness is a function of its patented design, aerosol composition, and ultra-fine particle size. Fire suppression is rapidly achieved through interference between the ultra-fine aerosol particulate and the flame’s free radicals - terminating propagation of the fire.

Aero-K® generators are virtually maintenance free and have a shelf life of over 10 years. Coupled with the very low installation cost, this makes them an extremely cost effective fire protection solution.