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Portable A/C Helps Out School Year

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020
Computer Room Uptime received numerous inquiries from Colorado school districts in the Front Range seeking supplemental air conditioning.  In preparation for the upcoming 2020-21 school year Denver Metro schools are turning to Computer Room Uptime for short term cooling solutions.  From Cherry Creek to  Boulder Valley and everything in between, schools are doing what it takes to increase classroom airflow while providing comfort cooling for a safe and comfortable learning environment. 

Due to the global circumstance of COVID 19 schools find themselves in unprecedented territory.  In order to provide an environment where students can maintain a 6 ft. distance from one another, schools are being forced to utilize non-traditional learning space such as gymnasiums and auditoriums.

On topic of distancing students, certain portions of the buildings such as gymnasiums, warehouses and auditoriums are  possible temporary areas to host classes.  Although this solves the social distancing issue, it creates new challenges.  These large areas are difficult to cool and even more difficult to maintain at a comfortable temperature housing many students for the duration of a day.  This is where Computer Room Uptime comes into play.  Their fleet of portable self-contained air conditioning units offer precise cooling to critical areas of the room.  By strategically placing  throughout the large space (gymnasium, auditorium, etc.) and directing the cool air on the class, this not only provides a comfortably cool environment for students and teachers to proceed through their day with some sort of normalcy reminiscent of old times, but it increases the overall airflow in the space.  Increasing fresh air-flow in classroom space is another obstacle that school districts are currently calling on Computer Room Uptime for answers.

Creative cooling solutions is all in a day’s work at Computer Room Uptime located in Thornton, Colorado.  Find more information at 

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