Temporary Spot Cooling for Convenience Stores

Temperatures have been soaring this week into the upper 90s all around Colorado.  As a result, building air conditioners can be stressed and fail very quickly.  It’s critical that convenience and retail stores offer a nice cool environment for their customers and employees.  During the summer people expect to get a break from the heat when they step inside a store to go shopping or grab a quick refreshing drink or snack.  If they walk into a hot store they’ll be less likely to come back, and might go down the street to your competitor where it’s cool.  Nobody wants to lose a customer to a competitor, especially over an air conditioner that is need of repair.  Temporary spot cooling is the perfect cooling solution to get you through those unplanned heat emergencies due to a rooftop air conditioner failing.  Renting a portable air conditioner from Computer Room Uptime will keep your business running as usual until your main air conditioner is fixed.



Computer Room Uptime has a large rental fleet of 1 Ton (12,000 Btu/hr) portable air conditioners.  The 1 Ton MovinCool portable air conditioners are a great fit for temporary cooling in small convenience and retail stores.  They operate on standard 115 V power, and they’re small enough to fit into tight spaces.  Convenience and retail stores are usually packed with merchandise and don’t have a lot of extra room, therefore the small size of our portable air conditioners are imperative.  However don’t let the small size deceive you; these spot coolers really pack a punch with their cooling.  Typically you’ll see a 20-25 °F temperature drop with a MovinCool air conditioner, and the airflow volume is impressive enough to cool a large area.  In addition, the installation is a breeze with very little restrictions on where our portable air conditioners can be installed.

If you can keep your store cool during the summer, the more likely your customers will stay and shop.  This will increase business on a short-term basis, but will also keep your customers loyal and drive business growth on a long-term basis as well.  Additionally if you keep your employees cool and happy, they will provide better service to your customers which will help grow your business as well.  Finally a cool store will keep perishable goods fresh and prevent them from spoiling.  Keeping perishable goods fresh longer will have a positive effect on your bottom line, and will have your customers returning to shop week after week.



Experience You Can Trust



Computer Room Uptime sells and rents a wide variety of portable spot air conditioners to many different industries:  IT environments, Industrial / Construction, Offices / Schools, Health Care and Special Events.  Our air conditioners are extremely easy to install, and will adapt to almost any environment.  Computer Room Uptime will work with you on engineering the best cooling solution for your application at a fraction of the cost compared to other air conditioners.  We have over 20 years of experience designing and installing portable air conditioners.



Computer Room Uptime is ready for all your temporary cooling needs throughout the state of Colorado and Wyoming.  We have a large rental fleet of portable air conditioners, and offer same day delivery to your Front Range (Denver, Castle Rock, Centennial, Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins) location from our Denver warehouse.  Please call Computer Room Uptime at 303-908-8043 for your next portable air conditioning rental.




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